What to do if you are approached
by an Emergency Vehicle


To insure the safety of the public and firefighters, the following list of do's and doníts should help when an emergency vehicle is encountered:


bullet Know your state laws when it comes to yielding to an emergency vehicle.
bullet Remain calm and don't panic.
bullet Move your vehicle to the right, if at all possible. Then, come to a complete stop and wait. Remember, "Move to the right for sirens and lights."
bullet Stay put at an intersection stop sign or traffic light, if you cannot pull to the right. Don't try to go through the intersection.
bullet Pull over to the nearest side of the road if you are on a one-way road or divided highway - but before you do, make sure the shoulder is safe.
bullet Before you move on, make sure another emergency vehicle isn't coming after the first one.



bullet Stop in the middle of anintersection. Proceed through it, and then pull to the right.
bullet Stop in the middle of a lane when there is room to pull to the right.
bullet Pull to the left in the center yellow lane or left turn lane.
bullet Race ahead to get though a green light or turn before an emergency vehicle gets there.
bullet Race after an emergency vehicle to get through a traffic light.
bullet Make a left turn quickly into a driveway or side street.
bullet Disregard the emergency vehicle and continue to travel.