What to do in case of emergency: Emergency Response


To insure the safety of the public and firefighters, the following list of tips should be of use to help aid emergency personnel get to the emergency fast and efficiently.

Keep the Hydrants Clear

bullet If you and your neighbors could help keep the hydrant visible and free from obstructions such as dirt, weeds or snow, it would help us greatly. Finding a hydrant at night can be harder than you think and time is very important when a structure is on fire!
Keep Addresses Visible
bullet A poorly marked address can delay emergency response time when minutes and seconds make a difference between life and death.
bullet Addresses covered by paint and shrubbery are hard to see.
bullet Night and weather conditions may affect their visibility as well. Place numerals where they can be seen clearly from the street and paint them a color that contrasts with what they are mounted on. If possible, a decorative lamp or spotlight on the number can help a lot.
Give Clear and Concise Details about the Emergency
bullet When you call 911 with an emergency, give clear, concise directions and if possible and have someone go to the end of the driveway or the street to show us exactly where to go.


These steps are crucial. Maybe you may not need the fire department, but one day you could need the Rescue Squad or Police Department. So please remember this in case you do need us.