Winter Fire Safety Tips



Like every season, wintertime brings many risks for fire. Although fires are accidental, they can be easily avoided. Here are some safety tips to help prevent fire



bullet Be sure all decorative lights, indoor and outdoor bear the label of an independent testing laboratory.
bullet Replace any light sets that have cracked or frayed cords or have loose connections.
bullet Do not overload outlets or run extension cords under carpets, across doorways, on or under heaters, or behind furniture.
bullet Unplug all decorative lights before leaving home or going to bed.


bullet Make sure you have a screen large enough to catch flying sparks and rolling logs
bullet Clean your chimney regularly - creosote build-up can ignite your chimney, roof and the whole house. Have your chimney inspected annually for damage and obstructions.
bullet Store cooled ashes in a tightly sealed metal container.
bullet Cardboard boxes and paper bags can quickly catch fire. Only burn materials appropriate for a fireplace. Never burn trash or paper, as ashes can float up a chimney and onto your roof or onto your yard.
Never leave fireplace unattended
bullet Pressure-treated wood should not be burned in stoves or fireplaces because it contains toxic chemicals that can make you sick.


bullet Furnaces should have regular maintenance to operate properly. Annual cleaning, inspection are recommended. As mentioned before, have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually.
bullet Donít use the oven or barbeque for heating! Barbeques produce large amounts of carbon monoxide


bullet Keep fire hydrants clear of snow and obstructions.
For safety purposes, keep driveways, sidewalks, and stairways clear of snow and ice
bullet Space heaters need their space! Keep combustibles and flammable items (clothing, fabrics, paper, etc) at least three feet away from each heater.
bullet When buying a heater, look for a heater that bears bear the label of an independent testing laboratory. look for a thermostat control mechanism and a switch that automatically shuts off the power if the heater falls over.
bullet Heaters are not dryers or tables! Donít dry or store objects on top of your heater.
bullet Electric Heaters should not be connected to an outlet using an extension cord or frayed wire
bullet After use, unplug and let cool down before storing
bullet Never use a fuel based heater in unventilated areas
bullet Keep children away from heaters


bullet Always put candles in non-tip candleholders before you light them, and do not burn candles near decorations or displays.
bullet Keep candles well away from curtains, and never put candles in windows or near exits.
bullet Never leave a room with a candle burning or within reach of small children.
bullet To prevent candles from falling off of their holders, melt the wax under the candle for a few seconds and place them on the stand. The wax will act as glue to the candle and the stand.


bullet We can never emphasize this enough! A working smoke detector is the key to survival in case of fire.
bullet While decorating your home for the holidays, make more use out of the ladder to check all of your smoke detectors.
bullet It is strongly recommended that all residents install carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas that displaces oxygen in the blood, puts the body to sleep and literally suffocates the body. It is produced in fires and heating devices using fire, including, but not limited to, water heaters and furnaces.